Freedom of ideas


In our laboratory in Milan we can re-create objects and details of any nature and size according to production needs of advertising or movie, using analog and digital techniques. From a sketch or a drawing a new model takes life for shooting needs, as trick the eye as is near to reality. We recreate off-scale objects, static or interactive ones to meet the requests of photographers, filmmakers, exhibitors and creatives.

replica braccio stampo siliconico per installazione artistica robert wilson villa panza
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We create aesthetic models of industrial products designed by design studios or companies’ style centers. We can produce complex prototypes of what will become an industrial product by leveraging on various technologies – combined with great craftsmanship and finishes – which, in addition to the aesthetics, will be helpful to the dimensional checks, both internal and external and to the assembly ones.

maquette modello design dimensione reale bottiglia plexi
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We can create productions and installations for window’s shops or special events on customer’s project. We usually collaborate with visual designers for defining in detail materials e finishes. According to customer needs 1a100 can provide support on installation.

installazione allestimento vetrina per evento food cioccolato
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