1a100 Digital Artisans

20 years of experience in building architectural models, mock-up for movies and advertising and models for industrial design. It’s the result of a challenging research, that is a combination of techniques and handcrafted finishes with various technologies such as multi-axis milling, laser cutting and engraving, rapid prototyping technologies and replyes in limited editions.

Mathematical models and manual techniques

Each time we design techniques and the most suitable materials to develop a specific project, paying great attention to compliance to the deadlines.

We use a mathematical model to faithfully respect the project, completing the preparation of the drawnings, if requested by the customer or by project’s features.
We also deliver objects that do not need a mathematical bond, but that express shapes to which is easier to work with manual techniques. To do this, we rely on great skills and experience built years over years and developed through the knowledge of materials and their features.

verniciatura prototipo in lavorazione
plastico modello architettura paesaggio urbano in lavorazione