20 years of experience

In our design lab in Milan we create architectural models for professional studios, public entities and real estate companies.
The culture of the project and manual knowledge transform designs and customer visions into mathematical shapes and three-dimensional models from which the construction of the model starts, passing through assembly and finishing with the scenography of the individual parts.

modello architettura plastico bianco paesaggio urbano volumi

From 1:1 to 1:10.000

The used scales are generally from 1:10 for the interiors and up to 1 : 2000 for the masterplan.
We employ different technologies for the realization of the models in order to achieve the required level of detail at the lowest cost.
You can re-create realistic finishes to focus in the context of the space in which the new project will take place or you may choose to provide only the framework for a more abstract and less detailed volumes.

Scale 1:2000 – 1:500

Scale 1:300 – 1:100

Scale 1:87 – 1:1